9 Questions With Celebrity Fashion Designer Sai Suman

Fashion designer, Sai Suman, is a multi-award winning innovator who has earned over a decade’s trove of international acclaim.

Sai is a Hollywood A-list designer whose designs have been photographed on red carpet events, which includes – the Oscars, Emmys, Golden Globes and the Cannes Film Festival. Among her Hollywood stars list are Elvis Nolasco, Jimmy Jean Louis, Keith Stanfield, Sonia Rockwell, Cas Anva, Alice Amter, Slovakian Top Model Viktoria Orlicka, and French actress, Sophie Marechal to name a few. In fact, her men’s design, worn by T.J. Miller, of HBO Silicon Valley and Cloverfield fame, earned Sai a Top 10 Style Pick at the 2017 Cannes Film Festival, a prestige not easily won in the competitive world of fashion.

On the night of the 2017 Emmys, American Crime actor, Elvis Nolasco, wore Sai’s design — a beautiful, rhinestone-encrusted tuxedo; a look that won her additional critical acclaim. Minutes later on ABC’s red carpet fashion trend news flash, NBC’s Heroes actor, Jimmy Jean Louis, appeared on the same carpet, wearing an equally sumptuous suit, and actress Amber Martinez was also among the best fashion looks on Cannes red carpet designed by Sai this year.

Sai Suman is well known in Hollywood circles and frequently photographed with the industry’s most elite, such as Cameron Diaz, Eva Longoria, Sharon Stone, and Big Bang Theory funny man, Johnny Galecki. She has designed for Michael Barker and Tom Bernard, co-founders of Sony Pictures Classics, Tichina Arnold and of course, the lovely actress, Katherine Kramer, whose gown Sai designed, which she wore to the 2017 Oscars and Natasha Blasick for Oscars 2018.

Sai is the youngest designer to create and combine fashion with technology and creativity, presenting Haute Couture with hi-tech designs in various international platforms. Sai’s coveted process has elevated her to the title of youngest Indian designer, alongside top, renowned designers from around the world.

Her collections have graced the runway of New York Couture Fashion Week, Dubai Fashion Week, the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week—Australia, and Mercedes Benz Fashion Week – Europe. Sai has carved quite a niche for herself from the beginning of her journey, and extraordinarily fast! Read on as Sai shares her journey as an A-list celebrity fashion designer.

When did you first realize you wanted to pursue a career in fashion?

After changing my career direction from medical, I always wanted to do something creative. My love of dressing up seemed to be a constant for me. I also think after winning the Miss Teen contest in India and doing some modeling and acting projects, my interest toward fashion turned serious. I have always been fascinated with fashion and experimenting with colors.

How would you describe your designs?

My designs combine a blend of Western, fashion elements paired with traditional, exotic touches of Eastern handcraftsmanship. I like to experiment with unique fabrics, silhouettes and innovative style combinations.

What has been one of the golden moments of your career?

One of the greatest moments of my career was when I launched my designer label in Mercedes Benz Dubai Fashion Week. My collection was well-received and took off from there, followed by many international shows and political figures. It was a fashion event which, of course, shot like lighting across India’s national headlines and across the world.

If you had to choose three top celebrities to wear your designs, who would

you select?

Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna and Cardi B.

If you could spend a day with any fashion designer, “living” or not, who would that be?

The incredible Alexander McQueen.

What is your creative fashion process?

My process starts from the imagination and then into literal, wearable art.

What did you do after completing your fashion studies?

I chose to start my own manufacturing and export company instead of opting for an internship under a big fashion house, which could have taken years. I knew that getting into manufacturing would give me the necessary experience faster, than working under a senior designer. So, I took the risk.

What was the first design under your own designer label?

I started off by designing for wedding couples, custom- made orders and then designer beach sarongs and couture wear for other brands in Dubai, Bahrain and the U.K. It was one, bulk orders and no looking back then. It was an incredible confidence booster!

You’ve received many awards for your work. Which is the most memorable one?

I was awarded by Dubai, his Highness, last year with an honorary doctorate degree.

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