Meet Lia Grant The New Reality Show ‘Leading Lady’

Lia Grant is a producer, writer, actress, model, and performer/ singer. She is a veteran on stage, performing in many known plays including Get Thee Behind Me!, Mama, I’m Sorry, Real Men Pray, and My Brother Marvin where she played Tammie Terrell/Tina Turner among many others. She serves as a co-producer for FalkonQwest Enterprises, a multi-media entertainment company that produces films, novels, CDs, and plays.

Lia is currently starring as the leading lady in the play, “Your Husband Is Cheating On Us” airing on Bravo TV. Her role in the play is the most coveted position. She must always be on her A-game as her role is very enviable… especially with D’Atra. Lia and D’Atra have a complicated and drama filled past stemming the last two decades, but Lia is not afraid to speak her mind and do what she needs to do to get her way.

L.A. Style Mix: Congratulations on being cast on the new hit Bravo television show. What is it like being on a reality show and especially casted as the “leading lady” in the play?

I am thankful the executive producer J.D. Lawrence of the show cast me as the “leading lady” in his play. It is a great opportunity and I am so appreciative to him. It’s certainly an interesting ride (Laughs).

The show is not scripted, per say, of course the play is, but the editing is pretty much in the hands of the producers and writers.

L.A. Style Mix: Viewers are really tuning in to the show. Are you feeling the love? And, has the reality of it all hit you yet?

I am actually receiving a lot of love from what I call, my new friends ‘on-line.’ (Laughs) I must admit, it is still surreal, to one day living a private life to now having cameras follow you around and filming your every move. Yes, a bit surreal.

L.A. Style Mix: You seem to be the more “grounded” and peacemaker ones of the cast members? Would you say this is accurate?

Well, I’ve always been taught that the only way to live is to be true to yourself, live your truth and be ‘genuine’. People respect authenticity. My family and close friends know the ‘real me’ and that what matters the most.

L.A. Style Mix: What would you like people to know about you, that they might not know?

I want people to know, I wake up each day, like everyone else and count each day as a blessing and try and be as productive as possible.

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