Drag Racer Al Boogie Roberson: Taking Risks, Defying The Odds And Daring To Be Different

(Nationwide) – Al “Boogie” Roberson from North Carolina lost his arm in a motorcycle incident. The protective gear he was wearing saved his life but unfortunately, he sustained life changing injuries. During the accident, Al’s right arm was permanently damaged and he was unable to walk. After a lengthy rehabilitation, he was able to regain strength in his legs and walk again. Al’s right arm was shattered and he was no longer able to use it, but he defied all odds and his story is nothing short of miraculous.

Al is a drag racer and one of the most celebrated ones in the industry. He is known as ‘the fastest one-armed racer on the planet’ and his world-famous car ‘Honcho’ is just as famous.

The accident didn’t change Al’s passion for motorcycles or grudge racing. Al said, “When I sustained the injuries, I tried so hard to come to terms with what had happened to me. I was in a very dark place and I wanted the struggle to end. I didn’t think I would be able to ride a motorcycle again, let alone grudge race – something I loved doing was denied to me.”

“To overcome my struggle, I slowly started driving my car and supporting my fellow drag racers at the racetrack, until finally I started car racing again and the rest is history,” says Al. “Al booked a track day to see if he could drive his car with one arm. He added, “Once I made a pass down the track with my car it gave me a reason to live again. Grudge racing is something that you can’t describe the feeling unless you do it.” “Being back on the track gave me a new perspective on life. I changed my “I can’t’ to ‘I can’.”

Al now along with his legendary grudge racing team The Southern Assassins are known as one of the most exciting and dominant grudge team in history. His world-famous, beast of a car, Honcho the Camaro is known as a stand-out car in the grudge racing world. ”

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Al “Boogie” Roberson is represented by entertainment manager, Cheryl Cobb, email : cheryl@cherylcobb.com

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Photo credit:  Johnny Elizalde

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