Social Media Star & Television Personality Ts Madison Shares 6 ‘Words of Wisdom’ For Students Heading to College

For millions of students living through the coronavirus pandemic, graduation is looking different this year for them.

Social media star, actress and television personality Ts Madison (@realtsmadison), affectionately known as “Maddie” joins with other celebrities including Cardi B, Tom Hanks, Pharrell Williams, Robin Roberts, and Barack and Michelle Obama to share powerful ‘words of wisdom’ on their virtual social media platforms for students heading to college.

Ts Madison, one of the most respected personalities in the world whose work and visibility has reshaped the way that the public conceptualizes transgender and gender-nonconforming identities and experiences offer ‘nuggets of wisdom’ for students heading to college.

Ts Madison shares 6 Words of Wisdom:

1. Be comfortable in your own skinI have learned the first step to becoming happy is to feel comfortable in your own skin. Everyone was born with a flaw. No one is perfect. Accept yourself.

2. You’ll never achieve real success unless you like what you’re doing. Make it your goal to live. Find something you enjoy.

3. See the positive in every situation. You will always run into unfortunate situations in life that are outside of your control. You can choose to feel sad, annoyed, angry, or stressed about the situation or turn it around and focus on the positive. You can choose to be stuck in a bad situation or let go, move on, and start anew.

4. Learn from a failure or a bad experience and never repeat the same mistake. Every setback and bad situation in life teaches you something and an opportunity to make you more resilient, and more equipped to be able to deal with whatever life throws at you.

5. Your greatest talent is being your authentic self. When you are authentic, you create a certain energy and people want to be around you because you are unique.

6. Always, put God first everyday and you will succeed in life. Life is short. Make the most of it. Put God first. Love deeply. Forgive quickly. Laugh a lot.

Ts Madison is also a philanthropist, motivational speaker and author (A light through the Shade: an autobiography of a Queen/Madison Hinton with Jasmine P. Rain) who uses her social media platforms to inspire, motivate, and educate millions to live their authentic life.

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