Retired Decorated Deputy Sheriff Danny McFarland and Life Coach/Educator Dr. See Love Launches New Podcast, ‘Conversations with Friends’

Retired Decorated Deputy Sheriff Danny McFarland and Author, Speaker, Life Coach & Educator Dr. See Love, launched their new podcast show, “Conversations with Friends”. The weekly one-hour podcast will focus on inspirational real-life stories of everyday people overcoming adversities, including special guests who are experts, entertainers, entrepreneurs, and personal development leaders. The show will air every Monday at 6:00 p.m./PST.

McFarland and See Love became great friends at the University of Santa Monica where they both received their Master’s in Spiritual Psychology.

McFarland is a Retired Decorated Deputy Sheriff for the Sacramento Sheriff’s Department, who was nearly killed and permanently disabled in the line of duty. Danny was dragged halfway hanging out of a suspect’s car for 115 yards and slammed into a light pole going approximately 70 MPH. Danny broke his neck, ruptured and herniated several disks in his neck and back, tore ligaments and tendons, obstructed his right vertebral artery, severe nerve damage throughout his body, as well as many other injuries. Danny was awarded the Bronze Star for Bravery & the Purple Heart. After healing himself holistically, Danny has catapulted into a professional career in acting.

See Love is an Author, Speaker, Life Coach & Educator with more than 20 plus years in the field of Spiritual Psychology and Social Services. She learned to live beyond grief from the unexpected death of her twin brother. Thirty-one years ago, on a turn-around at the end of her brother’s freshman year at Morehouse College, their older sister fell asleep behind the wheel of the car losing control of the vehicle. The twin brother was hospitalized and after three weeks on Memorial Day 1989, he died from his injuries. Dr. See Love’s extensive experience with loss and grief recovery makes her knowledgeable and engaging support for those who have lost love ones.

“Conversations with Friends” podcast is available now and can be heard on Apple Podcast, iTunes, and all podcast platforms. Listeners can easily access the episodes here:

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