Khalilah Bruzual Co-Host Of New Weekly Digital Show “Chronic Pain Conversations” Returns for Second Season – The Aspirational Speaker, Advocate, Writer is a Game Changer with Her Efforts Advocating for The Chronic Pain Community!

Khalilah Bruzual co-host of the new weekly online show, “Chronic Pain Conversations” returns for the second season streaming live on YouTube, and Facebook every Tuesday at 12 noon (ET).
Diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 2017, Khalilah understands how depressing and frustrating it can be living with chronic pain.
The “Chronic Pain Conversations” show is being applauded for its tremendous efforts advocating for the chronic pain community. She, along with her co-host Sheriffa McLaren Thomas addresses ways to manage chronic pain, acknowledge the wide variety of chronic pain diagnoses and give community support.
During “Chronic Pain Conversations,” Khalilah and her co-host also share their own personal journey living with chronic pain.
“We are excited about returning for our second season of “Chronic Pain Conversations,” says Bruzual. She adds, “We are happy the show is resonating with viewers and bringing even more awareness about chronic pain.”
The popular and informative show is about having real conversations and sharing real experiences about chronic pain and how to improve your daily life and manage your pain.”
Tune in and join the conversation!
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