Step into Marion’s Boutique Warehouse Delivering Brand Name Designer Fashion at Amazing Prices! “A Unique Combination of Exclusivity, Affordability in a Speakeasy Boutique Setting!”

Marion Haddad, owner of Marion’s Boutique Warehouse gives her customers a special shopping experience!
The curated designer speakeasy warehouse carries premium designers from all price ranges and styles.
To help the brands maintain their normal retail price points they do not advertise their brands however, all brands are genuine first quality and on full display at the warehouse.
Marion Haddad, born in Paris France from a middle eastern and Italian family has been passionate about fashion since she was a little girl. Her grand aunt was a seamstress.
Growing up, Marion’s family used to work in the center in Paris known as the “fashion district.” She was fortunate that her mentor was a designer; teaching her fabrics, colors, merchandising and styling.
Her cultured exposure includes experiences living in France, Israel, Thailand and Los Angeles and while living in Los Angeles she felt there was something missing.
Marion loves solid colors and a print with an impact. She has no favorite season because she loves the fun of combining colors, styles and playing with layers as the seasons change.
Marion shared the three key lessons she has learned in life:
  1. If you know you are good at something, go for it.
  2. Counter negativity with kindness and understanding, then run.
  3. Working both hard and smart.
When asked what is the best and most challenging part of being a business owner, Marion says, “the need to listen and advise and be open to learning.” “Don’t count your hours just keep pushing.”
Marion lost her almost 15 years job early into the pandemic and it took her only two days to decide to run for it, find investors and open her own small business.
As a single mother for the last 8 1/2 years of 3 wonderful sons 9, 16 and 17 years old with no child support she could not bear the idea of running out of food again in her life so using all of her connections, ideas and positive energy, Marion’s Boutique Warehouse was able to open August 1st 2020.
Marion thought if she can make it through the pandemic, she would be good after it.
From gratitude Marion gives back to the community. One recipient of her support is Alexandria House, a transitional living organization that helps women and families lift out of homelessness.
When the resident secures a job interview, Marion’s Boutique Warehouse has committed to providing the outfit needed to make a great impression.
Additionally, a unique opportunity to provide a struggling teen with an outfit for her quinceanera was presented by Alexandria House and it was Marion to the rescue.
Marion says she knows how it feels to need help and will always give back.
Marion’s Boutique Warehouse makes customers feel like members and some extended family for those who have had memorable life moments styled my Marion.
Her customers are a reflection of the world…international, multicultural with a love of fashion and exclusivity at great value.
 Marion says, ” I have been working in fashion in Los Angeles for over 15 years and always love a speakeasy and good deals … Also, I wanted to create a safe place for customers to come, talk, get advice on life, styling or just someone to listen to them. I am so lucky to have girls that come to celebrate their birthday, come to introduce me to their babies or to share with us that they just got engaged. We want everyone to feel comfortable”.
Everyone is welcome at Marion’s Boutique Warehouse and Marion’s goal is to help every girl and woman regardless of body type to find pieces to enhance their presentation and make them smile.
So, what is next for Marion’s Boutique Warehouse? Marion says, “Well, the big picture is to have my own fashion brand…..yes, one day my boutique speakeasy customers will have a garment in their closet with a Marion’s hang tag attached.”
To get access to the store and products, you will need to make an appointment at the warehouse by emailing or DM them on Instagram @marionswarehouse.
Marion’s Boutique Warehouse ensures COVID protocols are followed.

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