KVNG DAVID Talks Music, Fitness & Culinary Skills – Check Out His Latest Album Release, “Interspace.”

David Price known professionally as KVNG DAVID is a multifaceted talent with a list of credits that include rapper, actor, chef, and model.
When asked what is his “first” love, KVNG DAVID says, if I had to choose one that supersedes all the others, it is music.
His latest album, “Interspace,” out now is a brilliant, well-seasoned hip-hop and rap 15 track masterpiece! It’s bold, lyrically-tight tracks are defined by incredible complexity, and inventiveness in a revolutionary yet spiritual way.
Each track takes you on a musical journey around the world and through time with its driving beats laced with lyrical mastery from the titled track, Interspace to Henn’ N’ Juice, Dear Lord, How to Pimp a Butterfly, Small Math, Problem Child, On & On (feat. King Dupart) and Only One, feat. Neverending Nina and more! “Interspace,” is a definite must-have to your playlist!
The handsome 6’1 Philly native, now living in Atlanta is also known for his exceptional culinary skills. You can catch him on the popular “Bish Let’s Dish” Show with social media superstar TS Madison serving up tasty dishes on social media platforms (Instagram, FB and YouTube). KVNG DAVID says, I love that cooking give me a chance to be creative and indulge in some ‘play’ time – something we adults could do with a lot more. I like losing myself in the rituals of chopping, stirring and tasting. When you’re cooking you get to choose what you make and what goes into each dish.
A fitness enthusiast and philanthropist, KVNG DAVID makes health and fitness a priority. He says, “maintaining a regular fitness schedule is essential for me to say fit, both physically and mentally, which allows me to be productive in all areas of my life.”
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