Titus Showers Award Winning Gospel Star on His Debut Role in Faith-Based Film, ‘Cheating in the Room Next Door.’

You may know Titus Showers as an award-winning gospel singer. You may also know him from the popular sibling group, The Showers. But did you know he’s also a actor.

We had an opportunity to chat with Titus during an exclusive interview.

We loved hearing his passion for his relationship with God, and his debut acting role in the upcoming faith-based film role in Cheating in the Next Room.

The story of Cheating in the Next Room is a complex and controversial one. It is a provocative drama that uncovers truths that are usually held under the covers of the pulpit. This telling story dives deep between the sheets and then some. Going where most Christian films won’t. The movie shows the redemption story after falling deep in sin.

As a “Preacher’s Kid,” Titus has been passionate about his faith, and the fact that he has followed the Lord from a young age tells the story. We asked him what his faith has meant to him throughout his career, and he opened up about the “ups and downs” he has experienced in life. Even when he was tempted to doubt his faith he said: “It was my foundation in God that kept me moving forward in life. No matter what happens in life, I’m going to continue to serve Him.”

Growing up with a father who was a minister, Titus’s life is now making a full circle as a beloved gospel artist in a new film.

When asked about the movie, Titus says, “This film is really about hope, forgiveness and inspiration. The people that watch this film will be inspired. They will know that no matter what, if they believe in God, they can get through anything.”

The celebrated multiple chart-topping independent recording solo artist hit song, “It’s Gonna Be Alright” is currently streaming 1 million views.

It’s Gonna Be Alright (remix)  Click here to watch

Growing up in Hammond, Louisiana, a postcard picture-perfect Tangipahoa Parish town with a population of 21,000 people, Titus is among the area’s most famous, respected and boasts no less than seven businesses owned and operated by his siblings. Whenever he is back home, Titus serves as COO of one of the family’s enterprises: O&M Family Care, a community-based mental health care agency (his brother Timothy is CEO).

Titus also recently launched his signature unisex Fedora hat collection by Titus Showers.

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