Famed Fashion Photographer Desmond Harris’ Wife Angela Harris Celebrates Her Husband’s Work Through Carrying On His Legacy

After famed fashion photographer, Desmond Harris died from complications on COVID, his wife Angela Harris had to find a way to go on without her beloved husband. One of the ways she is coping with her husband’s passing is by writing and helping others through this difficult season.  

L.A. Style Mix caught up with Angela and had a very heart-felt and inspiring interview with the successful CEO and Publisher of Bougie Magazine.

Who is Angela Harris?

AH: “It is funny, I have asked this question to so many people. It is different being the one asked but here goes. Angela Harris is a work in progress. I am totally different than who I’m becoming. I am the mother of a beautiful daughter who will be 25 soon. I am a writer, editor, avid traveler, and I recently became a widow. Despite or should I say because of my highs and lows, I find it imperative to live each day to the fullest. I came into this world as a lump of clay, excitingly watching God mold a beautiful masterpiece. To sum up, who Angela Harris is, she is an evolver and overcomer.”

Tell our readers more about yourself and a bit of Bougie Magazine?

AH: “Sure!  Bougie Magazine is a digital publication written for trendy, tech-savvy, fashion-forward women/men. Bougie was developed in 2010, at the time, I was an event planner doing a consultation for a potential client who was putting a hair show together. I wanted to help the client effectively market those participating in the show before and afterward. I suggested creating a directory, and the more we talked about it; the directory blossomed into the concept of a magazine, and Bougie was born! Within the issues, we aimed to provide our readers with articles on hair, beauty, lifestyle, travel, and all things “Bougie” Our mantra is that aspiring to be great and doing things in excellence makes you “bougie,” then so be it. I wanted to create a platform for like-minded individuals to share their talents. We have had some great people grace our covers, such as British actors, the first African American model for Louis Vuitton, the late Sam Sarpong ,singer songwriter Teara Marie, and former WNBA player Chamique Holdsclaw. Bougie served as an amazing segway to meet some fantastic people! In 2015 I decided to take a break to focus on married life and traveling the world.”

Share about who your husband, Desmond Harris was for our readers?

AH: “Wow, this could take a while!  I will try to be brief; Desmond Harris was an overflowing dose of love, youthfulness, talent, energy; the list is endless. My Des was the blessing I did not know I needed or wanted a true southern gentleman. Desmond Harris was a New Orleans native, Air Force Veteran, and one of THE BEST fashion and entertainment photographers this side of heaven! He loved cooking and having a good time, and he catered to me. Desmond would tell me, “I am your peacock” if it put a smile on my face and made me happy, he would do it. He truly lived his life to the fullest. He always had a word of encouragement and loved to share what God placed in his heart. Desmond thrived on exchanging creative ideas with his close friends and colleagues, and he never met a stranger. There were so many sides to him; there was the quick-witted smart-mouth Des, all business with an extra dose of seriousness, and there was the jokester. You can get all sides of him in one sitting. He was a lot to take in but such a beautiful soul.”

Do you mind sharing with our L.A. Style Mix readers what Desmond did as far as his profession?

AH: “Absolutely! Desmond was one of the most outstanding noted fashion photographers to pick up a camera. Desmond started this journey when the film was still being developed. Before filters and ring lights became a thing, Desmond created camera tricks, built sets, and hit the right angles to capture the money shot for countless clients globally. With over 20 years of experience, his portfolio credits are extensive and thought-provoking. During his career, he has captured Coretta Scott King, Chamique Holdsclaw, Eva Pickford, DJ Drama, T.I., and many more. Desmond’s work has been featured in publications such as Rolling Stones, Vibe, Atlanta Goodlife magazine, and many others. In 2014 Desmond evolved into a Photo Historian providing portrait services for public safety agencies nationwide. Desmond’s military background and passion for photography allowed him to excel and exceed the expectations of all he served. When Desmond’s earthly assignment was completed, he’d photographed well over 400 agencies and well over 100,000 public service members. It was a pleasure to work alongside my husband. It gave me a rare opportunity to see his passion create memories and bookmark history.”

Can you leave us with some encouraging words?

AH: “Live each day as if it is the last because it could be,” says Angela.  “Every additional day you have left on this earth is another opportunity to work on your purpose and make the best of it. Fulfill the dreams you have. Take that trip! Do not procrastinate or overthink it! You are STILL here because your assignment is not complete.”

She adds, “Lastly, I encourage and challenge you to be Great’ful (spelled this way on purpose). This simply means that whatever season you are in, be thankful and great! If you are grieving, focus on the time you were given with the one who is no longer with us; their assignment is complete the baton has been passed to you! If you take a moment and analyze that relationship, they left you with something; if you lost a job, there was some experience, or even a good connection you gained that will propel you on the next part of your journey. In a nutshell, be grateful for everything that happens in our lives because it prepares us for the next phase. Death is awful. But for the believer, it is JUST the beginning. I am sad BUT not hopeless! Stay tuned; my journey has JUST begun!”

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