Number #1 Relationship Book: Love Symptoms: Diagnosing and Curing the Common Illnesses in Love & Relationships by Author Van Brown, Helps Readers with Love, Life & Partnerships

Van Brown, author of Love Symptoms: Diagnosing and Curing the Common Illnesses in Love & Relationships is a sought-after researcher of relationships. Brown’s studies include long-term marriages and relationships, and his book. Love Symptoms simplifies relationship principles you can apply to your life.
With over 20 years of research on the subject of love and the functions of the human being, Van Brown’s book, Love Symptoms is the number one guidebook that will help you discover your true self and transform your relationships.
Using principles and life tools, Brown aims to refill the holes that life’s traumas have caused. He shares, “You are always one decision away from the greatness living within and I am more than willing to be the hand that helps you cross the bridge to the best you.”
When asked, what does it mean to be a leader, Brown says, “Growing up in a household of six children, I found myself lost in the shuffle. And because of my shy nature, life determined my worth according to my personality. Early on I allowed people to define me because I didn’t have self-worth of my own. One of the hidden truths of life is that you can actually give to yourself what your parents were unable or unwilling to give. Trapped in every human being is a leader just waiting to emerge. And the only difference between that leader emerging or lying dormant is simply intentional love and encouragement.”
The relationship expert is a devoted husband, father and advocate for the true leader and purpose in you.
Love Symptoms: Diagnosing and Curing the Common Illnesses in Love & Relationships is a “must-have,” available on Amazon and all other major book retailers.
About Van Brown
Born on the beautiful island of Nassau, Bahamas, 21 miles long with an undeniably rich, deep history and culture. Van grew up in an area called Bain Town, a blue-collar type of town underscored with all of the challenges that came along with a forgotten community. Enchanted by the unanswered questions for a deeper meaning to life, he was drawn away from his hometown and began his journey to discover his purpose. Now he is a highly requested teacher and author. Love Symptoms is his freshman debut, and it has already won critical acclaim. The teacher of principles and truth divides his time between counseling families, individuals and corporations and teaching spiritual truths about love and relationship.
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