Florida Celebrity Photographer, Tracy Croushorn Captures Celebrities Through Her Lens

Seen all around carrying her camera and gear, celebrity photographer Tracy Croushorn has been capturing celebrities for the years through her lens.

The Floridian native by way of Tarpon Springs at TLC Studios is where you can find this wife, mother of two teenage boys and entrepreneur most days.

When we asked Tracy about her passion, she is quick to say, “It’s a very humbling profession; there is always something new to learn. You never know it all, and there are so many good photographers out there. I feel very blessed to be able to still do it, and I plan on taking pictures as long as I am able.”

We delved in more in length with an in-depth conversation with the talented and creative celebrity photographer.

What inspires you to be a celebrity photographer?

TC:  What inspires me is to make everyone who steps in front of my camera to feel that ‘celebrity experience’  everyone deserves that kind of treatment whether they are a “celebrity” or not.  Each of us is uniquely and wonderfully made.  We each have a purpose and each one of us is special.  I love celebrating that!

Why is leadership so essential to the entrepreneur space?

TC:   It is essential because those leaders are there to cultivate a sense of the greater good, provide purpose and direction, inspire and motivate!

What has been your greatest accomplishments?

TC:  Definitely, my children!

How has the pandemic impacted your career?

TC:  The pandemic impacted my career for the good of inspiring me to become a better version of me as a photographer.

This is a two-part question… How did you pivot during the pandemic and can you share with our readers how we can still thrive during this time from your perspective?

TC: I think as an entrepreneur you have a choice,  and it is really about perspective.  I was grateful to have some downtime to take a step back realize what was important, and re-evaluate what was working and what wasn’t.  I got an opportunity to decide what i really wanted instead of just continuing to go through the motions of the day to day.  I became intentional.

Where can we find you ?

TC: You can find me in-person at TLC Studios in Tarpon Springs most days but also online at www.tracylynncompany.com

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