She Exist Magazine May 2022 Cover Reveal Attracts Stellar Attendees at Magazine Cafe in New York’s Fashion District

She Exist Magazine Cover Reveal event featuring Emmy award-winning journalist, entrepreneur and actress Cathleen Trigg-Jones on its May, 2022 cover issue at Magazine Cafe in New York City brought out the who’s who of the entertainment and fashion industry.

The stellar attendees included Cathleen Trigg-Jones, award-winning actors Donnie Riser, Dwayne Moore, Stephen A. Valentine, RA NCARB internationally acclaimed architect and founder Ernesto Tecco of 809 Media, award winning singer/songwriter Lorraine Lionheart from Botswana and Angelina.

Trigg-Jones was honored to grace the May cover issue of the new ‘most talked about’ publication and shared encouraging words to the standing room only audience at the well-attended event.  She said, “The difference between a dreamer and a doer is action.  Dare to turn your dreams into reality.”

She Exist Magazine’s editor-in-chief, Janelle Harris said, “We sold out twice at Cafe Magazine due to the popularity of the publication which covers everything from fashion, entertainment, and business.”  “We are proud to be among many prominent magazines, including Vogue, Essence, Cosmopolitan, Forbes, People, and Time,” she added.  “We have fully restocked She Exist Magazine at Cafe Magazine, located at 15 West 37 Street in the heart of New York’s Fashion District,” which is just steps away from Herald Square, Bryant Park, and Penn Station.

Harris also expressed her thank you to the She Exist team , Iwoman TV, Cathleen Trigg Jones, Catscape Production, Director Vladymir Pierre- Louis, Editors, Photographers, Consultant of the Newstand, and John Blassigname of New Day Associates. She also thanked all of  the features from Long Island , Australia, New Jersey, Florida , New York, Texas, Louisiana, Los Angeles, North Carolina, Maryland, Belgium, and Las Vegas.

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