Legind Studios Announces New World Order: Dark Prince Directed by Duane McCoy Premiere + Red Carpet Date, April 26, 2023 – The Cast Stars Jon Briddell, Xavier Christian, Antonio De Lima, Sarah Dolhansky, Allen Perada, and Danny Chung

Legind Studios directed by Duane McCoy announced on Wednesday, March 26th, the New World Order: Dark Prince premiere date!

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Dark Prince, the ‘highly anticipated’ thriller film will release to selected theaters nationwide on April 26, 2023. The premiere host theater will be held at Harkins Estrella Falls Theatre located at 10250 W. McDowell Road in Avondale, Arizona. There will also be a star-studded red carpet event at the movie premiere hosted by Stellar Award Radio nominee PrayzFM.

The Q&A segment following the film premiere will be co-hosted by Michael Conley, former publicist to actress Nichelle Nichols from Star Trek fame and Roslyn Williams, talk show host of Life Matters Today. There will be a special presentation from entertainment attorney Raymund C. King to share about charity funding for feature films.

The confirmed Dark Prince star-studded cast set to attend the premiere includes: Jon Briddell, Xavier Christian, Antonio De Lima, Sarah Dolhansky, Allen Perada, and Danny Chung.

Dark Prince, masterfully written storytelling by Duane and Antionette McCoy is taking Hollywood by storm with its adrenaline-rush suspense thriller based on the book of Revelations in the Bible.

The film produced by Antionette McCoy with music composed by Duane McCoy is inspired by the prophetic events that happen throughout the bible is written extremely smart.

When a god takes on the form of a man, a grief-stricken sergeant must battle his internal demons to defeat an evil empire in the film, Dark Prince.

The film manages to keep the adrenaline flowing from beginning to end.

When asked about the film, Duane McCoy says, “The film is powerful and well-written with an incredible cast.” “I know movie-goers will enjoy this high adrenaline rush thriller.”

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About Legind Studios

Legind Studios founded by filmmaker Duane and Antionette McCoy are known for films, such as New World Order, New World Order: The End Has Come, and the much-anticipated forthcoming, New World Order: Dark Prince. Click here to check out Legind Studios films.

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