Author Lori Gentles Empowers Readers with Her Transformative New Book, ‘Dear Jane: Embracing Self-Love and Unleashing Confidence’ – Now Available on Amazon

Author and motivational speaker Lori Gentles releases new book, “Dear Jane, It’s Not Me… Saying Goodbye to Self-Criticism and Hello to Self-Love, Courage, and Confidence.” 
“Dear Jane” is now available on Lori Gentles’ writing has earned her a dedicated following, and this latest offering is an impactful addition to the self-help and personal development genre.
In “Dear Jane,” Lori Gentles takes readers on a life-changing journey, inspiring them to conquer self-criticism, embrace self-love, and nurture the courage and confidence required to achieve their dreams. Building upon the success of her previous book, “Oh SLAP! My Choices Determine My Destiny – The #1 Guide to Making Better Decisions and Living a Self-Empowered Life,” Lori continues to make a significant impact as a leading voice in personal development.
Drawing from her own experiences and insightful wisdom, Lori Gentles weaves a compelling narrative that resonates with readers from all walks of life. “Dear Jane” delves into the root causes of self-doubt and insecurities, guiding readers on how to overcome these obstacles and embrace a newfound sense of empowerment. With practical exercises, thought-provoking prompts, and uplifting stories, the book serves as a transformative toolkit, fostering a positive and nurturing mindset that propels readers towards their fullest potential.
Gentles shared, “I am thrilled to share ‘Dear Jane, It’s Not Me… Saying Goodbye to Self-Criticism and Hello to Self-Love, Courage, and Confidence’ with the world.” “This book is a reflection of my unwavering belief in the power of self-love and the transformative impact it can have on our lives. Through its pages, I hope to empower readers to let go of self-criticism, embrace their true worth, and find the courage and confidence to pursue their dreams unapologetically.”
Lori Gentles has become a prominent figure in the leadership and personal development genre, captivating audiences with her dynamic personality and unwavering dedication to empowering individuals. Drawing from her extensive experience as a human resources leader, she founded The Choices Company – a platform dedicated to guiding individuals towards making intelligent, intentional, and inspired choices (#iChoice).
Her flagship program, “Employeeship, The Path to Leadership,” challenges conventional methods and advocates for personal responsibility over entitlement. Lori’s dedication to personal growth and self-empowerment has earned her praise from peers and business leaders, solidifying her position as a thought leader in the field of personal development.
As a co-founder of The Positive Platform (TPP) alongside Lisa M. Sánchez, Lori leverages their combined 58+ years of experience as life/career coaches and Human Resources (HR) executives to provide education and leadership development programs tailored for HR professionals and organizational leaders at all levels. TPP focuses on strengthening organizational culture through ABIDE (access, belonging, inclusion, diversity, and equity) principles.
As the release date approaches, anticipation builds for the moment readers can immerse themselves in the transformative world of “Dear Jane.”
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To stay connected with Lori and her tribe of like-minded, self-motivated achievers, follow them on Instagram @weareichoice.
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About Lori Gentles:
Lori Gentles is a highly esteemed author, motivational speaker, and the visionary founder of The Choices Company. With her passionate approach to personal development and emphasis on individual choice, Lori has inspired countless individuals to unleash their full potential. Her books, including “Oh SLAP!” and the forthcoming release “Dear Jane,” serve as powerful resources for those seeking transformative change through self-love, courage, and confidence.

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