TPCCON 2023: Celebrating Black Women – Conquering The Outdoors and Transforming Lives Triumphantly Returns to Houston, Texas – October 27 – 29

The Patio Chic Conference, also known as TPCCON, is thrilled to announce the triumphant return of TPCCON 2023: Celebrating Black Women – Conquering The Outdoors and Transforming Lives to Houston.

The prestigious three-day event, created by visionary, trailblazer and adventurer Tara L. Paige, is scheduled to take place from October 27th to 29th at the esteemed Hyatt West Katy in Houston, Texas.

TPCCON 2023 has been meticulously designed to celebrate the exceptional achievements of Black Women in conquering the outdoors and making a positive impact on their communities.

The highly anticipated gathering aims to inspire, empower, and foster unity among participants from diverse backgrounds.

TPCCON is a platform amplifying the voices and stories of Black Women who have fearlessly explored the great outdoors while transforming lives through their passion.

“We are delighted to bring TPCCON 2023 back to Houston, Texas, where the vibrant community and boundless spirit align perfectly with the essence of our event,” said Tara L. Paige, the visionary Founder of TPCCON.

“TPCCON is committed to promoting diversity, inclusivity, and equality in outdoor pursuits. Our mission is to provide a platform for Black Women to share their extraordinary stories and inspire a new generation of outdoor enthusiasts who see no boundaries in their aspirations.”

TPCCON 2023 will feature an enriching program, including keynote speakers, panel discussions, workshops, and hands-on outdoor activities.

The event encourages open dialogues, providing attendees with insights from experienced professionals and opportunities for networking to build meaningful connections.

TPCCON 2023 embraces its role as a beacon of empowerment for a new generation of outdoor enthusiasts. As part of the commitment to supporting women entrepreneurs and leaders in the outdoor industry, the event offers booths for participants to showcase their endeavors and products.

One of the highlights of TPCCON 2023 will be the special guest celebrity appearances, adding excitement and inspiration to the event. Attendees will have the opportunity to engage with renowned personalities who have made significant contributions to the outdoor community.

Early bird registrations for TPCCON 2023 are now open. For more information and to secure your spot at this transformative event, please visit

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