Yada TV Network and Hulu, LLC Join Forces in a Groundbreaking Multi-Million Dollar Distribution Deal

Yada TV Network, the esteemed entertainment platform hosted by the renowned Tara Merchant, in partnership with Upscale Magazine and their digital Podcast, has made waves in the industry by sealing a revolutionary distribution deal worth millions with Hulu, LLC.
This landmark collaboration signifies a momentous stride for both entities and is poised to redefine the landscape of the entertainment sphere.
Under the terms of this groundbreaking agreement, Yada TV Network has secured non-exclusive distribution rights to an extensive array of premium content from the esteemed Hulu, LLC.
The content trove encompasses an impressive lineup of highly anticipated TV shows, critically acclaimed series, captivating documentaries, and much more. This strategic alliance is set to empower Yada TV Network to offer its viewers a diverse and compelling array of entertainment options that embody the pinnacle of quality and innovation.
Tara Merchant, the driving force behind Yada TV Network and a notable contributor to Upscale Magazine and their Podcast, expressed her enthusiasm about this transformative partnership.
“The fusion of Yada TV Network’s commitment to delivering top-notch entertainment and Hulu’s exceptional content library is a pivotal moment in the industry. We are poised to transcend boundaries and reshape the way audiences experience entertainment. This collaboration not only amplifies our mission but also paves the way for a new era of immersive storytelling.”
Hulu, LLC warmly welcomes Yada TV Network into its esteemed family of collaborators. This strategic deal underscores Hulu’s dedication to expanding its reach and creating an enriching entertainment ecosystem that resonates with diverse audiences. By sharing its exceptional content with Yada TV Network, Hulu aims to extend its influence and touch the lives of even more viewers worldwide.”
The Yada TV Network and Hulu, LLC partnership stands as a testament to the transformative power of collaboration and innovation within the entertainment sector. This unprecedented distribution deal ushers in a new era of possibilities and sets the stage for the evolution of entertainment consumption.
About Tara S. Merchant
Tara S. Merchant, a distinguished journalist and interviewer, is making waves in the media industry with her unique perspective and passion for storytelling.
With an unwavering belief that “No One Can Tell Your Story But You,” Tara has become a trusted voice in the world of interviews and journalism, offering a platform for individuals to share their authentic narratives.
Tara S Merchant is a proud alumna of Strayer University, where she earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Business. Additionally, she holds a JD Law Degree from Florida A&M, showcasing her commitment to knowledge and intellectual growth. Leveraging her educational background and expertise, Tara brings a well-rounded approach to her journalistic endeavors.
As a talented author, Tara has penned two compelling books, “Re-Arrested By Faith” and “A Piece on the Master’s Throne.” These literary works showcase her ability to captivate readers through her thoughtful exploration of faith, resilience, and personal growth.
Additionally, Tara’s other notable accomplishments includes We 2 Can Made it Alright podcast, currently streaming on such platforms as Roku and Amazon Fire.
Three years ago, Tara started Yada TV Network, Inc for Original Content of Substance with the belief that no one can tell your story like you can.
The podcast will be available on streaming platforms such as Roku and Amazon Fire, delivers engaging conversations with celebrities, CEOs, authors, and prominent figures from all walks of life. Through Yada TV Network Inc, Tara facilitates thought-provoking discussions that delve into the stories and experiences of her guests, enlightening and inspiring listeners.
In addition to her acclaimed podcast, Tara is also in production development for “Do Something of Substance,” where she explores topics that matter – set to launch in November.
With a commitment to substance and depth, Tara’s podcast invites listeners to engage in meaningful conversations that leave a lasting impact.
Beyond her podcasting achievements, Tara is also a respected writer for Upscale Magazine, a publication known for its discerning taste and commitment to excellence. Her contributions to the magazine further demonstrate her exceptional storytelling abilities and her dedication to sharing compelling narratives with a wider audience.
Recently Upscale Magazine announced that the esteemed journalist has joined as the new host of the Upscale Digital Podcast. Tara brings a fresh perspective to the highly anticipated podcast, which is now actively engaging listeners worldwide.
As a seasoned journalist, Tara Merchant has consistently demonstrated her prowess in covering a wide range of topics, from fashion and beauty to travel and entertainment. With a keen eye for trends and a captivating interviewing style, Merchant has made her mark in the media industry through her insightful features and engaging discussions. Her rich background and natural ability to connect with guests and audiences alike make her the perfect fit for the Upscale Digital Podcast.
Each episode will feature influential figures and industry experts who will delve into various topics, including fashion, art, culture, wellness, and more.
Her appointment as the host of Upscale Digital Podcast marks a significant milestone in the podcast’s evolution. Her strong journalistic background and ability to uncover unique stories will undoubtedly captivate the discerning audience that Upscale Magazine attracts. Listeners can access the Upscale Digital Podcast on the official Upscale Magazine website.
Tara S Merchant’s unique approach to journalism and interviewing sets her apart in the media landscape. Her belief that “No One Can Tell Your Story But You” underpins her work and inspires others to embrace their voices and experiences.
With her insightful interviews, thought-provoking podcasts, and engaging writing, Tara continues to make a significant impact in the industry.
Follow Tara S Merchant on social media at yadatvnetwork_inc.

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