Meet Austin Carrington-Scott: The Multifaceted Actor and Entrepreneur Making Waves in the Industry

Austin Carrington-Scott, a rising star in the entertainment and business worlds, is capturing hearts and inspiring minds with his exceptional talents and remarkable achievements.
At only 17 months into his commercial career, Austin has already made a significant impact on both national campaigns and Hollywood. His versatile skill set and entrepreneurial spirit have earned him recognition and respect in the industry.
His impressive portfolio includes national campaigns for iconic brands such as Gap Kids and Pottery Barn, where his charisma and authenticity have shone through, connecting him with audiences across the nation.
In addition to his commercial success and entrepreneurial ventures, Austin Carrington-Scott’s dedication to storytelling and representation is further exemplified through his involvement in impactful projects. Audiences can also witness his talent and commitment in thought-provoking documentaries like “QUARANTINED: COVID-19 Through an African American Lens,” where he lends his voice to address important social issues during a challenging time in history. Furthermore, his participation in “A Word” showcases his versatility as an actor, as he continues to contribute to meaningful narratives that resonate with diverse audiences and shed light on important perspectives.
Austin’s star power extends to national commercials where he has shared the screen with renowned figures. Notable appearances include Texaco, Pro-Active, and a memorable collaboration with NBA superstar Steph Curry for Under Armour. His presence in the NBA All-Star campaign further showcases his ability to resonate with diverse audiences.
Beyond the world of commercials, Austin has made a mark in the film industry. His acting prowess has earned him roles in both independent and mainstream films, demonstrating his range and commitment to his craft. Additionally, his industrial work with Salesforce has showcased his versatility as a performer.
Austin Carrington-Scott is more than just an actor; he is a driven entrepreneur with a keen business acumen.
As a fifth-generation business owner, he understands the importance of legacy and tradition. Austin’s remarkable success as a real estate professional earned him recognition as one of the “Top 30 under 30” in the competitive Bay Area market. He has also ventured into the luxury car rental business, displaying his entrepreneurial spirit and drive for success.
His talents go beyond the entertainment and business realms. He is a gifted musician who plays the piano and writes his own music, demonstrating his creativity and artistry. Fluent in French, he embodies a multicultural and global perspective, further enriching his experiences and connections.
Austin Carrington-Scott’s journey is a testament to his dedication, versatility, and undeniable talent. With numerous achievements under his belt at such a young age, he is poised to continue making waves in the entertainment and business industries. Audiences and investors alike are eagerly anticipating what’s next for this remarkable actor and entrepreneur.
You can stay connected with Austin on his social media @pbscottie

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