Award Winning Actress Kasia Trepagnier to Shine as Grand Marshal on Louisiana Float at the 2024 Tournament of Roses Parade in Pasadena, California

The spotlight will be on Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana, as the vibrant and talented actress, Kasia Trepagnier, takes center stage as the Krewe of Omega’s Grand Marshal and the Tangipahoa Parish Representative on the Louisiana Float at the 2024 Tournament of Roses Parade in Pasadena, California, on January 1, 2024.
Kasia Trepagnier stated, “I am truly honored to serve as the Grand Marshal on the Louisiana Float at the 2024 Tournament of Roses Parade. Representing Tangipahoa Parish on this global stage is a dream come true. Louisiana’s rich culture and vibrant spirit will be showcased in every float, and I am thrilled to be a part of this celebration. As we roll into the new year, I look forward to sharing the joy, warmth, and artistic essence of our state with viewers worldwide. Let the festivities begin!”
Trepagnier, a Hammond native and a graduate of Ponchatoula High School, brings not only her undeniable talent but also her warmth and beauty to represent Tangipahoa Parish on the global stage.
With an Associate’s Degree in Business Office Management from Northshore Technical Community College, she has not only excelled in her education but has also made a mark in the entertainment industry.
Having starred in over 38 films and graced countless catwalks, including prestigious events like New York Fashion Week, Kasia Trepagnier has shared the screen with Hollywood heavyweights such as Jamie Foxx, Will Smith, and Tommy Lee Jones. Her latest project, the short film “Mood,” has received acclaim in various film festivals worldwide, showcasing her versatility and talent.
The 2024 Rose Parade, themed around the rich musical heritage of Louisiana, promises a visual feast with the Louisiana Float featuring a larger-than-life Mardi Gras jester, fleur-de-lis, second-line inspired umbrellas, and the iconic colors of purple, green, and gold.
Kasia poses with State of Louisiana Lt. Governor, Billy Nungesser
Lt. Governor Billy Nungesser, instrumental in inviting Tangipahoa Parish for the second consecutive year, emphasizes the significance of showcasing Louisiana’s cultural vibrancy to a global audience.
“Louisiana’s rich musical tapestry is a treasure that we are proud to share with the world. It is an honor to have Tangipahoa Parish represented by the talented Kasia Trepagnier, a symbol of our state’s artistic prowess and cultural diversity,” said Lt. Governor Billy Nungesser.
L to R:  Carla Tate, Executive Director of Tangipahoa Parish Convention and Visitors Bureau
Carla Tate, Executive Director of the Tangipahoa Parish Convention and Visitors Bureau, expressed enthusiasm about participating in the Rose Parade once again. After the overwhelming response to last year’s parade, the decision to join the celebration was an easy one. Tate is poised to present Tangipahoa Parish as an inviting destination to a worldwide audience.
The Rose Parade, presented by Honda, will be broadcast live on January 1, 2024, reaching audiences globally through partners such as ABC and NBC. Viewers can anticipate a rolling performance that captures the essence of Louisiana’s Mardi Gras, featuring Kasia Trepagnier proudly representing Tangipahoa Parish on the Louisiana Float.
About Kasia Trepagnier
Award-winning actress and film producer Kasia Trepagnier, a proud native of Louisiana, is not only capturing the hearts of audiences worldwide but is also setting a powerful example for aspiring young talents.
At just 26 years old, Kasia’s exceptional abilities as an actress and her dedication to her craft have earned her recognition as a rising star in the industry.
Kasia’s involvement in the film “Emancipation” serves as a testament to her outstanding acting prowess, further solidifying her reputation in the competitive world of Hollywood.
With each new project, Trepagnier showcases her versatility and unwavering dedication, leaving a lasting impression on fans and industry professionals alike.
Having amassed an impressive portfolio of nearly 40 films to her credit, Kasia Trepagnier’s career is a testament to her immense talent and versatility.
Beyond her success in acting, she has made a significant impact in the modeling industry, gracing the runways of New York Fashion Week and capturing the attention of fashion enthusiasts worldwide.
Celebrated for her stellar lead role in the critically praised film “Mood,” where she also serves as one of the executive producers, Kasia Trepagnier stands out as the youngest female recipient of the esteemed Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award.
This prestigious accolade, recognizing outstanding character, work ethic, and a steadfast dedication to communities presented Kasia with the esteemed award at a ceremony on Sunday, December 17, 202 from Dr. Verna Caddie, President of Leaders Esteem University in Houston, Texas who presided over the event.
In addition to the Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award, Kasia Trepagnier was honored with an honorary doctorate in humanitarianism from Leaders Esteem University, acknowledging her outstanding contributions to society.
Widely acclaimed for her lead role in “Mood,” directed by Anthony R. Page, Kasia has earned over 20 laurels at prestigious film festivals worldwide.
The film explores themes of human connection, self-discovery, and the intricate interplay of emotions, leaving an enduring impact on audiences.
As “Mood” continues its journey through the festival circuit, audiences can look forward to more opportunities to experience this exceptional film on the big screen. The film’s success at renowned festivals underscores its enduring appeal and profound impact.
Kasia Trepagnier’s extraordinary talent and captivating portrayal in “Mood” have garnered her an impressive collection of 9 Best Actress awards from prestigious film festivals worldwide.
For an immersive exploration of Kasia Trepagnier’s artistic journey, visit her official website at []. The website features her biography, a captivating image gallery, and a demo reel showcasing her extraordinary acting abilities.
Fans can stay updated on her latest releases, interviews, and public appearances through the dedicated news and updates section.
Kasia Trepagnier’s remarkable talent continues to propel her career to new heights, with her involvement in the film “Emancipation.” Directed by the acclaimed Antoine Fuqua and starring the legendary Will Smith, this compelling project has captivated audiences worldwide.
For more information and the latest updates on Kasia Trepagnier, visit her social media channels @kasiamae.
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