Grammy Award-Winning Songwriter and Singer Crystal Nicole Joins Star-Studded Lineup in ALA Celebrity Read Campaign Poster

Crystal Nicole, the illustrious Grammy Award-winning songwriter and singer, has joined influential figures such as Taylor Swift, Shonda Rhimes, Orlando Bloom, and Oprah Winfrey in promoting READ, a project of the American Library Association (ALA).
The ALA Celebrity Read campaign aims to champion the cause of literacy and highlight the importance of reading, using the influence of cultural icons to inspire individuals to explore the world of books.
Crystal’s involvement in the ALA Celebrity Read campaign is a testament to her commitment to fostering a love for literature. She actively promotes reading not only in her hometown of Atlanta, Georgia, but also recognizes the transformative power of literature, believing in the ability of books to uplift, inspire, and broaden horizons.
The chosen book for Crystal Nicole’s feature on the poster is Michael Todd’s “Damaged Destroyed from Trauma to Triumph.” This selection showcases her dedication to promoting meaningful and impactful literature.
Crystal Nicole says, “As an artist, I’ve always believed in the power of words to transform and inspire. Joining the READ campaign is a meaningful opportunity for me to contribute to the promotion of literacy alongside incredible figures like Taylor Swift, Shonda Rhimes, Orlando Bloom, and Oprah Winfrey. Through the magic of storytelling, we can open minds, bridge communities, and ignite a love for learning. Let’s turn the pages together and celebrate the boundless world that books offer to each and every one of us.”
Since its inception in 1985, the ALA Celebrity Read campaign has seen over 200 celebrities, musicians, and cultural icons participate. The involvement of influential figures like Crystal Nicole underscores the universal appeal and importance of promoting literacy.
Crystal Nicole, captivates audiences with her latest single, ‘COLORBLIND,’ an empowering anthem released on February 2nd. The song, crafted by Crystal Nicole for her daughter, transcends the boundaries of a typical song, serving as a profound ode to life and love.
Known for her unparalleled ability to compose award-winning music, Crystal Nicole’s track record stands as a testament to her iconic presence in the music industry. Born in Atlanta, Georgia, she has earned her place among the industry’s most illustrious songwriters, with an impressive portfolio including compositions for acclaimed artists such as Beyoncé, Rihanna, Mariah Carey, Mary J Blige, Janet Jackson, JLo, Jennifer Hudson, Camila Cabello, Chris Brown, Monica, Lecrae, and many more.
With five ASCAP Music Awards to her name, contributions to four Grammy-nominated projects, and the distinction of writing Rihanna’s Grammy Award-winning Best Dance record of the year, “Only Girl in the World,” Crystal Nicole continues to redefine musical excellence.
In addition to her achievements in music, she has ventured into the film industry, making appearances on Oprah Winfrey’s OWN “Greenleaf,” Sony Pictures’ “Superfly,” STARZ’s “BMF,” and NBC’s “The Voice” Season 24. Her star continues to rise, leaving an indelible mark on both the music and film landscapes.
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