Eric ‘EWill’ Williams Delves into the ‘Crazy For Your Love’ Project with R&B Icons K-Ci and Coko: A Unique Perspective on His Musical Odyssey

Eric “EWill” Williams, the legendary music producer acclaimed for his revolutionary contributions to the music industry, is gearing up to unveil his highly anticipated single titled “Crazy For Your Love” in June 2024.

This groundbreaking endeavor features the vocal powerhouses K-Ci, renowned for his role in the legendary R&B group Jodeci, and Coko, celebrated for her contributions to the history-making ensemble SWV.

“Crazy For Your Love” is a mesmerizing mid-tempo track poised to enthrall audiences with its infectious groove and soulful melodies.

With K-Ci and Coko infusing their unparalleled talents into the project, the single holds the promise of becoming an instant classic, highlighting the extraordinary musical chemistry between these iconic artists.


Expressing his enthusiasm for the collaboration, Eric “EWill” Williams shares, “I am thrilled to collaborate with two legendary figures in the R&B world, Coko of SWV and K-Ci of Jodeci, on our upcoming single ‘Crazy For Your Love.’ This project represents a fusion of timeless talent and creative energy, and I believe it will deeply resonate with fans old and new.”

Hailing from Buffalo, New York, EWill’s journey of influence began with a profound commitment to serving others.

EWill’s musical expertise is highly sought after, underscoring his unparalleled talent and holistic approach to his craft.

Renowned as the go-to music director for industry elites, he has made invaluable contributions to numerous projects, leaving an indelible mark on the entertainment landscape.

Collaborating with esteemed entities like Tyler Perry Studios, The Jennifer Hudson Show, BET Awards, and the Truth Awards, EWill consistently elevates live events with his distinctive touch.

His artist portfolio includes luminaries such as Offset, Michael Bivens, Fantasia, Bell Biv Devoe, H.E.R., TLC, and many others, all of whom have benefited from his visionary guidance.

As anticipation mounts for the release of the highly anticipated single “Crazy For Your Love,” both Coko and K-Ci express their excitement and gratitude for the opportunity to collaborate with Eric ‘EWill’ Williams.

K-Ci reflects, “Partnering with EWill on this project has been an incredible experience. His phenomenal creativity brought a whole new dimension to our collaboration. When EWill approached me and Coko to join forces, I was thrilled to embark on this journey. Together, we’ve created something truly special.”

Coko adds, “Collaborating with EWill and K-Ci on this project has been nothing short of an honor. EWill’s invitation to join forces was a testament to his creative genius, and together, we’ve crafted something truly unexpected and next level. Working with such talented individuals has been an inspiring journey.”

Beyond his professional endeavors, EWill remains committed to community service, spearheading initiatives to provide essential resources and support to marginalized communities, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic.

His actions epitomize the ethos of compassion and solidarity, making a tangible difference in the lives of those in need.

In addition to his myriad accomplishments, EWill is currently embarking on a highly anticipated music project, poised to captivate audiences with his distinctive sound and soulful expression.

His forthcoming project serves as a powerful testament to the transformative power of faith and perseverance, inspiring others to embrace their divine purpose with unwavering resolve.

EWill’s exceptional contributions have been recognized with prestigious honors, including an honorary doctorate in humanitarianism from Leaders Esteem Christian University and the 2023 Presidential Lifetime Achievement Medal of Honor from President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris.

Residing in Charlotte, North Carolina, with his loving family, EWill continues to inspire, uplift, and make a positive impact in the lives of all who encounter his remarkable journey.

For more information on Eric “EWill” Williams and updates on the release of “Crazy For Your Love,” follow him on Instagram @ericewill.

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