Respected Entrepreneur and Retired Military Veteran Kimberly Crawford to Receive Honorary Doctorate in Humanitarianism and Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award

Leaders Esteem Christian Bible University (L.E.C.B.U) proudly announces the forthcoming recognition of esteemed entrepreneur and retired military veteran Kimberly Crawford with a distinguished Honorary Doctorate in Humanitarianism and Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award from the White House.
The prestigious ceremony is scheduled to take place on December 15, 2024, in Houston, Texas, honoring Crawford’s exceptional dedication to humanitarian efforts and her outstanding contributions to societal betterment.
Kimberly Crawford’s exemplary leadership and unwavering commitment to uplifting communities have earned her widespread admiration and acclaim.
As a respected entrepreneur and retired military veteran in the Marines, she has demonstrated a profound understanding of the power of entrepreneurship, and community engagement in effecting positive change.
“I am deeply humbled and honored to receive this distinguished Honorary Doctorate in Humanitarianism and the prestigious Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award,” expressed Kimberly Crawford. “This recognition is not just a celebration of my personal journey but a testament to the incredible impact we can have on our communities. It fuels my commitment to continue inspiring positive change and uplifting those around me.”
The recognition ceremony, set against the backdrop of Houston, Texas, will celebrate Crawford’s remarkable journey of leadership, personal development, and dedication to uplifting others. Alongside the Honorary Doctorate in Humanitarianism, Crawford will be presented with the Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award, personally signed by President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris, acknowledging her significant impact on the community.
Dr. Verna Caddie, Founder of Leaders Esteem Christian Bible University (L.E.C.B.U), expressed her excitement for Crawford’s recognition, stating, “Kimberly’s unwavering commitment to uplifting communities and fostering positive change aligns seamlessly with our institution’s values. We are proud to recognize her outstanding contributions to society, and we believe that her journey will inspire generations to come.”
As Kimberly Crawford prepares to receive these prestigious honors, her legacy of excellence and compassion serve as a beacon of inspiration, symbolizing a remarkable journey of creativity, leadership, and genuine care for others.
Congratulations are in order to Kimberly Crawford!

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